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Digitized Videos Please use only Internet Explorer to access the videos listed in this section. Interweaving the stories of the two men and the companies they founded, Pioneers features tramadol visa film footage from the early decades of the century, together with historical photographs, period music, and narration. The age-old wish to defy the law of gravity found its fruition in turn-of-the-century America. William Boeing and Donald Douglas each came of age at this renaissance moment in the country's history, and their cjeap are infused with the indomitable spirit of their time.

Includes tamadol with historians, eye-witnesses and party officials. Tramavol China 2: China the future. China is flexing its economic muscle, investing all over the world. What does this mean for the West. Inside China 3: Politics and the people China is now a market economy, but holds on to the communist political system - pollution, corruption and ethnic divisions cause great tensions. Many were set up by migrants who have battled against hardship - and many are women.

Inside China 6: The Great Migration Chinese development has depended on a vast influx of 250 million migrant workers into the cities - some have prospered but most are poorly paid and housed, with few rights. Mass protests mean the government can no longer take them for granted. Inside China 7: Environmental Timebomb. The Chinese want the same life style as the Tramadol for sale online uk - but trqmadol what cost. The air and water are polluted, tramadol online yahoo answers much suffering and protest - as well as a drought crisis.

Chinese leaders talk of moving away from fossil fuels, but how much changes at local level. The Cola conquest This award-winning film yramadol the story of how Coca-Cola became the world's gramadol famous multinational company and follows the company's quest to be the globe's number one beverage. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Enterprise case studies III: Starting up People start enterprises for many different reasons: to make money, to give themselves interesting jobs, maybe even to make tramadol online yahoo answers world a better place. But they all have to find a way to get going and starting up is never cof.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Finance in business 1: Starting a ccod You may have a great product and great marketing ideas, but hramadol you do not understand how finance works, you are in trouble. This is an entertaining guide to sources of finance for business start-ups. Finance in business 2: Established business How does the esetablished business get finance. Dave Nellist makes the points, illustrated by real-life case studies. Part 1 Part 2 The impact of tourism I: Antigua, the Carribbean Antigua looks like paradise but not for the locals.

It suffers from an over-reliance on tourism. This threatens the environment, culture, and economy. Most tourist jobs are co paid and most of the hotels are foreign-owned. Cruise ship holidays, all-inclusive hotels, and a new holiday development all promise to make matters worse. But when the Berlin Wall fell, people expected prosperity. In reality, tourism brought too much traffic, too many buildings, and high unemployment.

Now the island is looking for "sustainable tourism". What is the way forward - "quality tourism" or tramadol online yahoo answers less elite approach. Part 1 Part 2 The impact of tourism III: Majorca Majorca has traamdol millions of people cheap holidays and brough prosperity for Majorcans - but at a cost. There is heavy hotel tramadool on the coast and there are outsiders buying second homes inland.

There is too much traffic and not enough water. Farming has declined, leaving people dependent on tourism. Traditional culture is disappearing.

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