Panache Weddings

When it comes to "Dream Weddings," Panache is only a phone call away.

Panache Weddings and Receptions can be as modest or as elegant as the bride wants...from a full-service Destination Wedding at the Beach ... to an intimate Garden-Gazebo Wedding at Panache ... to all services provided for an elopement ceremony with no guests but all the fan-faire! As a Wedding Planner and Service Provider, we assist brides from the early planning stage to assure a stress-free wedding. Most of our weddings take place right here at Panache, in our Garden-Gazebo. We provide all services, from the initial planning stage to include a Non-Denominational Marriage Ceremony ... through the Reception ... to send-off on the Honeymoon. The broad range of services we offer preclude our having price lists for all options. All you need do is call us and we will gladly arrange a meeting, at which we will review with you all of our services, and compile a free estimate for you based on a specific number of attendees and anticipated services.

Panache Offers Wedding and Reception Options to Meet Every Budget.

  • Wedding Ceremony with Bride and Groom and Required Witnesses Only
  • Garden Gazebo Weddings (any number of attendees)
  • Garden Gazebo Weddings with Cake and Punch Receptions
  • Garden Gazebo Weddings with Full-Service Receptions
  • Weddings and Receptions at other locations (beach, home or other facility)
Note: Visit our Menus & Prices page for additional details.

Wedding Enhancements

  • Arriving at your garden-gazebo wedding in a horse-drawn white wedding carriage
  • The bride and groom meeting half-way to symbolize future intentions
  • Lighting a candle to acknowledge spiritual presence in remembrance of a loved one
  • Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony with parents lighting outer candles
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Personalized Promises and Vows with Presentation of Rings
  • Scripture readings; i.e., I Corinthians, Chapter 13; or others you select
  • Biblical and traditional explanation of father giving away the bride
  • Family Unity Ceremony
  • Pouring and blending of sand
  • Presentation of a symbol of love to mothers of the bride and groom
  • Reading: “Legend of the Doves” followed by white dove release
  • Reading: Apache Wedding Prayer
  • Jumping Over the Broom
  • Military Sword Detail
  • Other … as you request

Note: Visit our Menus & Prices page for additional details.


Panache Weddings & Receptions Photo by Panache