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Impression: MR imaging of lumbar spine suggests spondylotic and disc degenerative changes and posterior discal bulges with compression on nerve roots, as described above resulting in associated compressive radiculopathy. My son was a victim of shooting. He has no insurance but hospital prescribed Gabapentin and oxycodone. He is out of the oxycodone, went to the ER again and they refilled his Gabapentin and gave percocet. Now he is out of the percoset and soon will be out of the Gabapentin. What can he use to remedy the pain. ThanksAfter sleeping in the night when I wake-up in the morning I feel huge pain in the lower back.

If I stand for long time I feel huge pain. I feel pain when I bend forward. Doctor gave me CP 6x 3 tabs twice and CF 6x 3 tabs twice. What should I do. I have low purchase tramadol with mastercard pain since 7 yrs it has aggravated now and pain in the planter aspect of the foot. Sir, I had underfone heart bypass surgery on 31. After one mth I was having stiff shoulder with pain in arm and ahoilder blade on RHS.

Latet on now I am sufferring fm sciatica pai in my right leg fm hip till heel. It is unberable and I am not anle to sit, walk for lie down. RgdsDear Sir, From last 2 years I Have sharp and aching pain in left side shoothin, itching and travesring from left side liver to back sidewaist, hipthigh and leg. The pain occurs always but some times sharply. There is no stone in gall bladder and no stone in kidney says CT and ultrasound. Left side Liver area, Waist area feel always like there is twist in it.

Sharp and burning sensation feels around hip area. There is burning and aching in left leg, back side muscle of left leg. There are 4-5 knot small glands near back side of left waist, near left shoulder back, near back of kideney. Too much acidity with brown and greenish discharge from mouth due to acidity and stools are harder is it legal to order tramadol over the internet come.

Please help me doctor. I do go to the gym 3-4 times a week where I concentrate on stretching, light up hill walking, and I lay on a roll to massage my quads, lower back and upper back. The VA is my medical and have not been very helpful. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. No compression deformity or fracture. This all Started from a fall. I have back ribs pain and lower pain. I have taken bryonia200 rhushtox,ruta. HAVING SCOLIOSIS FOR PAST 8 YEARS. REGULAR EXERCISES ARE ON. EVEN THEN HAVING PROBLEM OFTEN.

PLEASE SUGGEST A HOMEO MEDICINE IF NOT FOR CURE AT LEAST RELIEF. Would the Citadel have preferred that. Struggled in a lot of pain to sit on toilet cant bend or move without crying with pain. Doctor says that I have muscle pain. When I got down or do any work the pain is severe. So, what can I do now. Lower Back pain due to reducing of the space for the nerves passing through the spine.

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