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Her present problem is she has pain if she wants to stand straight and is fit while staying in stooping position. Previously every time she has got relief from homeopathic medicine. But this time after such treatment from prominent doctors in Kolkata with medicines like Rux Tox, Ruta, Arnica, Macrotin,Cuprum Metalicum etc. I will be much obliged trajadol you tramadol for dogs where to buy trxmadol an yramadol medicine for her.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind cooperation. DAS RAY 8100098235I went through spinal surgery in 2011 Jan because of disk heriniation between L4-L5, From last few day I am having pain in my lower back left side. I talked to Dr and he told me that the pain is because of buldge. I am doing regular excercise but not getting any result. Can you please suggest me if there is any medicine in Homeopathy which can help. I am 42 yaers old highly myopic.

In online rx tramadol year 1998, I developed cnvm in left eye. The condition was treated at Sankar Nethralaya but i lost central vision in left eye. Again after 14 years I developed peripapillary cnvm in right eye and treatment in the form of avastin injections is going on till now. The condition stabilises for some months and again reoccurs with bleeding. Avastin injection was again continued. With the consultation of one homeopath I have taken a mixture tramadol for dogs where to buy Arnica, Hemomalis and Calcarea phos for last 2 months. I donot know whether it is due to the homeo medicine or Allopathic injections, but for last one year the cnvm bleeding stopped completely and edema at bleeding site near optic nerve also buyiing a lot.

Present follow up revealed that the bleeding vessels dried up nuying a scar was formed at that area Also I have the problem of floaters in both eyes. Please suggest me any homeo treatment even though it is to be taken for long time so that reccurrence of the disease may not be, I will be thank ful to you for ever if you kindly advice me. I have buyying suffering from lower backache and right legache from one and half year. After doing MRI doctors found that my l4-5 length is 8.

I trakadol not getting what should I do whether I should go for surgery or go for homeopathy medicine. Sir please suggest me what I should I do. My Mom has been suffering from severe backknee, shoulder and neck pain since days. All gave us pain killers only. Hello sir My name sudhir age of 47 male suffering from AS from last 30 years. But today my condition is I am on vuying from last 5 days Totally spine is full of pain and stiffness, Trzmadol dolowin plus but temp rely reliefe, Sir please suggest me homophobic medicine, Spine stiffness and pain lower to neck, Sir please its urgent, Thank buyihg.

Both levels disc are removed. Now my Neourosurgron says I have to get spinal fusion at both level. I feel pain in sitting. Please suggest tramadpl I can avoid buing fusion. My age is 59 and having back pain since May 1994, with respect. Satish GargSir, my son 16 yrs old is suffering from degenerative disc disease l1-l2, l3-l4 bulging disc disc. He is having severe pain cant sit for long time or stand long so he cant go to school.

We took him to physiotherapist but his pain increased so much after doing excercise that he had fever. He is having multiple ulcers so cannot take pain killers. Please give your valuable advice and help my son to get relief. I have been suffering from backpain for the last two days either because of standing in bus, train, platform or may tramadll because of having milk before sleeping which causes gas and because of gas it may cause of backpain.

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