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Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your advise. My mother has started walking but she has no relief in the pain and complains about the heaviness, she has completed 3 months taking the treatment ,please tell me 1 how much more time will she take to recover fully 2 can she bend 3 what precautions she must take Thanking you With regards Riya I have been diagonised with Spinal Tuberculosis affecting T3 and T4 In Australia on 13th April 2011. Thank u for providing the information. Riya, Please ask your treating doctor about your doubts. Bass, Clindamycin is effective in range of bacteriae.

What a disaster Im dealing with, the Clyndamycin was probably the fastest and best drug "I have tried. One more thing to add, is that every morning when I wake up the area of pain has a lot of popping and once again in mid day. Chanti, There should be no difference in the two medicine when you match the dosage. It varies from person to person. Some people get better within 3-6 months, other may take longer. Nora, If there is a compression on spinal cord, it needs to be removed. Dear doctor sir, my father has been suffring from spine Tuber closis for five years.

But he complitly on bed and no sans availble waist in down side, please doctor sir, tell me tramadol order cheap any remedy in this disease Dear Doctor, I have been diagnosed with TB of the spine 3 yrs back and I have used AKT medication for nearly 2 years. It is aspirated only if it is very big and not responding to medications.

I HAVE A SPINAL Tramadol hcl 50 mg purchase FOR 5 MONTH. It has been so long. May you get well soon. Bass, At a distance I am of very little help to you. But please do keep updating. I have been following your progress closely. But if the patient do not tolerate it is very right to change it to some better tolerated med. Please provide as much info as you can and if required I would ask the things.

Gandhi Yandapalli, As you have had an episode of tuberculosis, you need to rule out if it is a relapse. You would need to see your physician. ANKIT GUPTA, I would not comment on right and wrong of the treatment as I am not as informed about you as your treating doctor. If you tramadol pay with mastercard looking for a second opinion, you can see another physician in person. If you still feel otherwise, you can opt for a second opinion.

My mother age is 51. I will give just a bit of history, As a young child I developed TB. Sorry, on my earlier post. I meant to say can latent tb come back with the onset of pneumonia. Only way to find and confirm is to get exmamined by a qualified physician. Priya, Spinal TB is treatable. For further discussion, please post at Bone And Spine Forums yp sharma, What does your treating doctor say. If you have your documents to look at please ask your query at Bone And Spine Forums and attach them as well Dear Sir My mother suffering from tb spondylodiscitis,small epidural collection is noted extending from L5-S2.

MRI was repeated after 6 mths there is no change plz answer my queries 1. I will be very thankful to you Sir Waiting for your reply With Regards Riya Dear Dr. He is 24 yrs old. He was diagnosed with this in mid August. Can we except to see bony improvement or soft tissue signal improvement in 4 months. Doctor says, he has no motor deficits, no need to worry but consider getting biopsy. Thank you so much, Asha asha, First sign that we look for is clinical improvement and not on MRI. If you think that he has shown no improvement in this period, diagnosis should be established.

Till now steroid have masked the symptoms and signs.

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