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It looks quite bad and repelling. Thank you for the reply. Dr, I am so glad I found this site as I am in dire need of advice. My husband was diagnosed with Spine Tb in April this year. Thank you for your time and effort. Neenak, The treatment is continued at least till one year of duration. It is tramadol buy overnight difficult to predict the progress in particular patient but in my opinion give him couple of months more. Let me know how does he progress. Arun for your valuable information regarding the ATT regime in osteoarticular TB.

I would purchase tramadol for dogs online like to know that when should a second MRI done to document the clinical response of ATT if at all it is required. Please discuss it with your doctor. One of the primary things to establish is that diagnosis is of Tuberculosis is certain. I hope that helps. Dear Sir, My wife has one tumour at upper side of neck. Chowdhury santosh, She has been put on antitubercular medication and as per your account is improving.

Thank you once again Dr. Partha Pratim Chowdhury, All the best. Sir i am suffering from. I had severe backache since 2 mths. I have started ATT 4 drugs already 3 weeks. Analgesics are needed almost daily. Respcted Sir, In 25. Then i have done following tests 1 Result for Mycobacterium genus- Negative. Result for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex-Negative 3. All my X-Rays Chest are OK Keeping all above i started TB treatment on 24. Now please suggest me :- 1. Is my treatment is OK.

Do i have Tuberoculoses or not 2. I am taking FORECOX Rifampicin 225mg,Isoniazid 150mg pyrazinamide 750mg, Ethamubotol Hydrocloride 400mg two Tab daily Empty stomek 3. Should i continue the 2 Tab daily…or reduce to one…. Please Ref my 1st Mail 15 Minutes back:- I am 38 Years ,Male, I am facing one more problem, Sometimes in the evening between 6-9PM it started some raches on my back or arms or chest ,which looks like long long line or some spots resulting scrach effect. Is it related with TB. Hello Sir, my brother is suffering from tb of the spine, but his back is not severly paining him rather his legs are paralyzed, he can't stand talkless of walking.

Sir, I am very glad to find this site. Hi Doctor, My dad had neck pain around 3 months back.

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