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They know that incremental decreases in the size or profile will enhance the overall design. Although spinal fusion is the current treatment of choice for many patients, there is significant research into motion-preservation devices. These devices are intended to preserve the natural motion of the spine while still alleviating the pain and replacing or repairing intervertebral discs.

MAKE CONTACT Vertebron Inc. I am having pain in S1 mainly, just incision pain L5,L4, It's only been twenty days, but my life has been limited for thirteen months ttramadol injury. Need to find a job to pay bills. I had lumbar spine surgery in July 2012 levels 2,3,4,5. I am in constant pain living on pain meds and the DR assuring be it will get better. I wish you luckI had a spinal fusion in 2010 with 2 rods and 16 screws along the entire lumbar area.

It was difficult at the beginning of recovery. At some point within the first 6-8 weeks after surgery, you will experience a rapid progression to full mobility!!. JUST REMEMBER TO DO YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!. I have had 4 lamectomy with fusion surgeries 2003,2x in 2005 ,and 1 in 2006. Total fusion length T-2 to S-1 plus C-3,4 all 4 surgeries are now classified as Post laminectomy Syndrome Failed Back Surgery Syndrome I am experiencing chronic nerve pain,thoracic tramadol with mastercard and plus a Harrington rod was implanted due to extreme curvature problems.

My question is how long does titanium cages,screws and rods last and is there anyway to decrease the constant movement pain I experience with all movements of my anatomy, even moving my small finger cause severe pain. Any sugestions would be appreciated. I am 46 yrs old and on my 8th surgery for scoliosis all have failed so far except my first one at olnine years old and now my last one was 4 months ago and I am really suffering and I think I am getting curved more. Well you can send me a ordering tramadol from 1800petmeds if you need someone to listen who understands.

I had surgery 9 months ago. I am still wearing a back brace and walk with a Kane. I spend the majority of my time on the couch or in bed. My tramado and nites are filled with pain and tears. Each Dr visit I am told too allow time. My right leg hurts followed by muscle spasm. Dr put me on tramadol with mastercard medication for the spasm. I am at wits ends with the constant pain. I do s lot of praying and hope that soon this shall pass.

Get besst removed find a neurosurgeon who will do it. Also have a blood test check you for titanium n nickel allergies. Also there are FDA. Recalls, so please find out what company is used in hardware onlihe screws. I was in PAIN for eight years now hardware out and it was bad hardware. Tl research and do not,just listen to one or two dr's.

I was an extremely active person, loved my job traveling, commuting to work in CA, Canada, Fl and many other places. I live in the Coastal Carolina area. In May, 2001, I happened to be working at a Facility n my hometown. Around lunch time, I thought, I actually can go home for lunch. I had grown tired of eating out. So, closed my PCs down, drove to my house. I just left all my things, cell, bag, etc, in my trzmadol. I opened the front gate, and twisted around to close it.

When I twisted, it felt like, my back popped similar to holding your hands together and popping your knuckles. A pain shot up into my head and all the way down my spine, thru both hips and to my toes. All I could do was to hold onto the wall, and slide to almost a laying position on my walkway I really to this day do not know if I passed out from the excruciating pain, I could not even breathe deeply.

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