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Bsst Doctor, I am 60. I have undergone onnline stentings besy angioplasty one month ago. I am weighing 89 Kgs. However, it is having nagging effect but not troubling too much. My biggest problem is the low back pain in the waist where the spine joins the hip bones. The pain is on tramadoo both side of the waist bone by the side of the spinal cord joints.

Tramxdol I start moving, after an initial trouble and pain, it orded but order tramadol from mexico standing position it pains and hurts too much vest me to sit. I use lambo sacral belt but to not much relief. Hot water bags also provide temporary relief. Kindly suggest an effective remedy. I have been suffering from lower back pain for about six months. The pain radiates to the legs some time and for that it becomes too dificult to move my legs and back.

I have to sit for quite a long time for my job. Previously I visited local doctor but did not get good result. Dr sb i have discs herniations at l34. Which medicine will be helpful in healingRespact sir i have back pain upper body from several years. In early 2013 had a fall L4 mild fracture bed rest for six order tramadol from mexico increases while walking suggest medicineI have too much of lower back pain. It increases in i stand for too long and also sitting in a fixed position. I am suffering from backache for d last 16years after second delivery.

I am taking rhus tox 200 can i take kali carb also with this. Sir, I have chronic lower back pain on left side. It is more pain full when I bend to left, ie when the waist on left side is compressed. It is painful to bend forward. Feel better back bending. I have flatulence, and pain in the lower back when it is bloated. Better when gas is released. I have gall stones of 9-4 mm. Also knee pain for the last 15 years. I am 57 years. Mostly my job is confined to chair for nearly 7 hours a day. I have severe backpainso I couldnot able to sleep and walk freely.

Please suggest remedies for this. So please suggest me who is best medicine in homeopathic for her. Tramadoll teacher by profession. I have been suffering from chronic back plac for more than 10 years now. Lately it has become severe and I am unable to sleep flat on the bed. My pain is more on the left waist. Iam undergoing IMS treatment order tramadol from mexico the same and have finished 3 rounds of it. I have undergone homeopathy treatment earlier for chronic cough and was healed.

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